Nutella Blossoms

Recently I fell in love with anything-steamed haha! Steaming seems easier than baking - especially food like steamed buns and cakes.

I didn't managed to try Nutella blossoms at all, because of ovalette used. So when I found a recipe that didn't include the use of ovalette, I was very happy! However the texture wasn't that great. So I decided to try out the original recipe and just omitted the ovalette. And it seems to work well also!

Mascarpone Loaf Bread

The other day, I needed to finish using up some mascarpone cheese. So I tried out this loaf bread, which I had wanted to try for a long time.

This is a rich, soft loaf bread, with a slight milky taste to it. However, it seems to be a little more "oily" compared to other bread - which I guess attributes to the richness of the loaf.

Black Sesame Man Tou

Ok, so sorry about the bad plating and picture lol!

I had to post this recipe up before making again because I have too many recipes that I need to redo hahah! Also kind of worried that I might forget about it, since I really have too many KIV recipes, and my memory is really not that great these days.

This is a soft and fluffy black sesame man tou, and the husband, who rarely praises my steamed buns, gave the thumbs up! I've used Prima unbleached Top Flour here, though the original recipe uses plain flour.

Toddler Christmas Activity: Baking at Spurbox

A while ago, I got to know about Spurbox from 1 of my mummy friends, Joey, at Play Lexue. I was quite interested to let EQ to go and try her hands at baking. I think my current situation does not allow me much time for cleaning up, if I were to try at home. Haha!!

And so, one day, I saw this log cake Christmas baking and craft session at Spurbox's facebook page, and asked Joey if she was interested as well.

Wholemeal Honey Loaf Bread

Seems like I have been making bread these days, but it's the easiest thing to bake!

The other day I tried to make some pull apart buns, and they turned out really funny - just because the baby was crying as I was rolling the dough lol.

Pumpkin Black Sesame Seeds Loaf Bread

It has been a while since I last made pumpkin loaf bread, so I decided to try a new recipe this time!

I realised that bread with root vegetables, such as pumpkin, sweet potato, or potato usually yield a very soft and fluffy loaf! I also love the added fragrance of black sesame seeds here.

Milk Mantou

As the toddler was having a bad cough the week before, she stayed home to prevent herself from getting another infection while recovering. The MIL very kindly came to help "jaga" the girls, and she noticed that the toddler only eats the dough part of the steamed pau I gave her for breakfast.

So I decided to make some steamed mantou for her breakfast the next day, since it had been quite a while since I last made mantou.