Wholemeal Honey Loaf Bread

Seems like I have been making bread these days, but it's the easiest thing to bake!

The other day I tried to make some pull apart buns, and they turned out really funny - just because the baby was crying as I was rolling the dough lol.

Pumpkin Black Sesame Seeds Loaf Bread

It has been a while since I last made pumpkin loaf bread, so I decided to try a new recipe this time!

I realised that bread with root vegetables, such as pumpkin, sweet potato, or potato usually yield a very soft and fluffy loaf! I also love the added fragrance of black sesame seeds here.

Milk Mantou

As the toddler was having a bad cough the week before, she stayed home to prevent herself from getting another infection while recovering. The MIL very kindly came to help "jaga" the girls, and she noticed that the toddler only eats the dough part of the steamed pau I gave her for breakfast.

So I decided to make some steamed mantou for her breakfast the next day, since it had been quite a while since I last made mantou.

I'm Featured on SmartParents.sg


Some of you might have known that I experienced a miscarriage some time last year, and it was my 2nd pregnancy.

It was a horrible experience that I wish no one else would need to go through. However, I also thought that something good might be able to come out from this unfortunate event.

So when my friend approached me for this feature, I readily agreed, hoping that my sharing would be able to encourage some ladies experiencing the loss....

Thanks be to God for the strength He has given me, and the friends He has surrounded me with, who have offered me words of comfort and encouragement.

The writers/editors over at SmartParents really have put in the emotions rightly into the article, which I cannot be more thankful for. And yes, it provides me with a closure, though I know I may not "move on" fully, my unborn child lives in my memory, and may we meet in the future, with him/her in my arms for the first time.

Click here to read the article :)

Vegan Mini Chocolate Cake

It has been kind of busy with the baby around, so I needed a quick fix for breakfast yesterday.

While the toddler was playing in the living room after her dinner and shower, I made these mini vegan chocolate cake in the kitchen.

Rice Flour Loaf Bread

I have been wanting to try out rice / glutinous rice flour in bread recipes, so I was happy that I finally had time to try this recipe, which I had KIV for quite a while!

For this loaf, it has airy crumbs, which gives way to a soft and chewy bite. A light variation of those bread that we usually eat, and it's quite nice for me! My toddler loves chewing on the bread too haha!

Catherine Atkinson's Buttery Brioche Bread

I am so happy to bake the first loaf of bread after my 2nd child arrived! Haha!

As you can see, the raisins are not well distributed, and there's a hole in the bread - because it was so difficult to make bread after dinner, with 2 kids! It was a mad rush trying to roll and shape the dough while the kids should be ready for their night routine :p

This recipe was recommended by 1 of my readers, and I am so glad to have tried it out. This brioche is buttery and soft - definitely great to go with coffee!