(Almost Vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's been quite a while!

I totally have forgotten about how busy one can get with a baby, especially newborn. Imagine that I had to take an hour to finish taking pictures of these cookies lol!

Rice Flour Cookies

Yay! It's Children's Day today!

My toddler is the happiest whenever it's Children's Day - because she can attend the party in school (and have lots of candies and chocolates, oh no!) and wear her favourite dress!

Just like last year, I also made her some cookies, for her to eat on the way to school.

Our 2nd Sweetheart

So sorry for the lack of updates on the blog!

Initially I had wanted to schedule posts to cover my "maternity leave" period, but I was really getting quite anxious when this little princess decided to be overdue lol.

So in the end, I wasn't able to plan the posts and do a scheduling. Please bear with a little silence on this space at the moment!

I would be right back!

Pork Floss Egg Pancake

Do you like to eat these Taiwanese egg pancakes (台湾蛋饼)?

I have not been to Taiwan before (ya!! How can that be?! lol), but I have made these before for quick breakfast, and thought of it being yummy!

Today we ran out of bread, so I decided to make this pancake as a quick breakfast.

Panda Deco Tang Yuan

These days I have been craving for sweet stuff, so I do cheat snacks (most of the time lol) by making it myself and add less sugar.

Made some red bean soup for tea time today, which was mildly sweetened by some honey. Also added in some gula melaka filled panda tang yuan! This combi goes really quite well!

Tau Suan

Okay, honestly speaking, this photo does not make the tau suan look delicious lol.

I made the tau suan in the afternoon, wanting to have it for tea break. However the husband and the toddler took a nap, so I had to just scoop out for myself. Since I have gestational diabetes, I decided to go easy on the sugar syrup :p

So you can't really see the syrup here!

Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins

Have not updated the blog for a while because I have been feeling quite exhausted as I go into the final weeks of my pregnancy :p

Made these oatmeal wholegrain blueberry muffins for breakfast today, and I quite like them! They are not the moist and soft kind of muffins. Probably due to the rolled oats used in this recipe, it's quite chewy (like the texture of bread) and "bouncy". I also love the nice oatmeal fragrance from the muffins!